Friday, August 10, 2012



frazzledpast participle, past tense of fraz·zle (Verb)Verb:Cause to feel completely exhausted; wear out.Fray: "it's enough to frazzle the nerves".As in "I'm frazzled".

There's just so much going on lately. My father-in-law is in a hospice in Denver, and as the nurse told me two weeks ago, "you do understand he could die any minute?". He's down to about 80 pounds. He looks like he's 110 and he' only 78. My husband has been traveling to Denver every weekend for the past eight weeks. It's taking a toll on him (and me).

Then my sister had a severe blow to the head about two weeks ago. It's a long story, but they think she did it to herself accidentally. No one knows for sure. What really upset me is that no one told me about it. When I discovered the huge lump on her head and the horrible bruising on the entire left side of her head and neck, the owner had audacity to tell me it wasn't a big deal and wondered why I was so upset. I'm still seething over this one.

Long story short, I took her to the doctor and it was infected. They put her on antibiotics. Then I had to take her again to the doctor this week for a follow-up visit and they decided since the lump was still huge that they needed to lance it. That was awful! Then an additional antibiotic to prevent MRSA (the flesh eating disease). They said because she was in a home and with an open wound she was susceptible to MRSA. Then a CAT scan which fortunately didn't show a fracture of the skull, just a "large chronic left middle cerebral artery distribution infarct". In case you're wondering, an infarct is a small area of dead tissue from lack of blood supply.

Oh, and let's not forget, I turned 57 on Tuesday. I spent the day with my sister and my husband was still in Denver with his dad. My sister and I did get to have lunch with her best friend from Palm Springs that was traveling through Seattle on her way home from Alaska. We had lunch on the waterfront at Duke's Chowder House. Love that place.

My birthday present to myself, a pair of cycling shoes for spinning class.

It's been a rough couple of weeks, but tomorrow, back to the gym and all things healthy!

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