Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My weighin and new before pictures

My weighin and new before pictures

My weighin at Weight Watchers was just as awful as I suspected it would be.


I've been weighing at home so this wasn't a surprise. It was still painful, especially because the woman weighing me in has known me from my high of 239 and my low of 152. She didn't say anything. She didn't have to. It was humiliating to admit to another person that I've gained back most of the weight I lost.

I think this time will be different. I have a different goal and a different reason this time for getting to goal. At least I hope I value my life more than a bowl of ice cream or a cookie.

Weight Watchers was fun yesterday. It felt good to be back in a structured program. Plus, I LOVE my leader. She is wonderful, funny, kind, and very passionate about Weight Watchers. They have a new and improved program. They do this every year around this time. It's just a marketing ploy, but I'm okay with it.

I went to the gym yesterday. Because of the sprinting in Krav Maga I added the treadmill to my routine (which I hate). I'm just not a runner. Today my legs are killing me and my knees feel like they're about ready to snap in two. Major pain. I think I'll change the treadmill routine to walking and then run for 30 seconds, and gradually increase the running to a minute. Really if I'm running from an assailant, I'll most likely only be running for a minute or two, not 30 minutes. That's all we have to do in Krav, is sprint across the room, from one to five times.

I also hit the boxing bags for about fifteen minutes, in five minute intervals. Even though I was wearing my weight lifting gloves and the gym's boxing gloves, I still ripped the scabs off my knuckles. Punching those boxing bags is really a workout. My heart rate would soar up to 148 in about a minute. After fifteen minutes I was ready to pass out. Really a great workout.

Now for the dreaded pictures. These were taken in Palm Springs when my girlfriend and I went hiking in Palm Canyon, the weekend of Thanksgiving.

This is my future home. Once I get done paying for the divorce this will be all I can afford. :)

This is so I end with a pretty picture. This is Mickey, my cat. I took him with me to Palm Springs. He's sitting in the window of my room at my girlfriend's house. I love this picture.

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